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Offering Best pure cleanser soap Tea Tree oil blends well with Fresh scented Spearmint oil  , & leaves with 100 % Pure Tea Tree Oil (melaleuca) essential oil .  herbal antibacterial properties. This pure skin ( aloe) soothing soap bar makes this a fine natural anti- bacterial herbal soap. Pure and safe everyday cleanser. Supports acne clear n cleanse power! 

  Natural safe scrubbing bar exfoliant sea salt  with soothing aloe vera.Light to slightly darker shades of green . 

 4.5 oz. bars. For everyday cleanse .

Herbally fresh scented pure essential oils & Spearmint leaves 🍃 make this a special soap. Please request special occasion wrapping.

 our soaps are Eco boxed in flat rate shipping boxes which hold 10-20 bars (12.85) not based on weight. If this is a gift we- wrap your soaps in, jute as you see here: cellophane, muslin & organza bags tied with ribbon! We offer- our small & large green eco gift boxes /just ask .FREE SHIPPING! USA.

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Tea Tree Aloe Spearmint leaf 🍃 Soap Bars

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