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Handmade in Vermont......

Earth  Aromatherapy

Sensational Gift : Happy Birthday or every day . All occasions...

Offering: Essential, highly concentrated oils : 100% pure 

 (aura cacia) .

Earthy scent list:  The Best  French Lavender , Amber Rose( gypsy rose musky) plant based only,   Rosemary,( remembrance) 

 Lemongrass( uplifting spirit) ,

 Lemon Flower Basil ( lemony spice),  & forever favorite Patchouli.

 Best scents ever! We chose (3) for you or please call & specify (3):

Beautiful scents. 


Pretty zip Aroma bags varying florals, geo designs, & chevron stripes. 

Eco gift wrapped ,labels, & ribbon.

(3) 0.05 oz. bottles with drip top as  shown. 


Aromatherapy  Hand beaded Travel Bags

Exquisite hand beaded embroidered bags . Offering  (3) Pure Essential oils: French Lavender, Lemongrass &  Rosemary essential oils. 0.05 oz. glass vials w/ dabber .

Eco-wrapped & boxed.


Medieval Mist 

Wonder Women

In Nature Perfume

Exotic subtle alluring exquisite scent.

Rest assured romping in the woods, high Spirited lady or maybe sipping & dining   downtown cafe  just … close to earths’ elements. Truly alive.

Support inner spirit &  sunny, serious, sultry dark  - light lively engage this subtle long lasting scent……Whilst wandering deep  in the forest .…..forever….

Beautiful pure essentials oils  activate on contact , create long lasting lavish fragrances .

 Rosemary ( top notes) blends ancient herbals pure fresh  pungent mid notes of  thyme & blue lotus florals melts a soft satirist sandalwood. Exotic blends.

Accentuates your moods pure  blue violet & saffron base notes. …..enjoy day into night…

 Engage  confidently both your presence & life’s moments.

100%  pure essential oils highlights the clean essences.

Handcrafted .offering

0.05 oz essential oils blue dropper bottles eco wrapped in colorful organza bags tied with ribbons.

French Lavender Essential Oil

Calm & Balance

Support mind-body- spirit with our

Pure essential oils handblended soothing & healing -a true favorite - uplifting.

French  Lavender scent pure vit. E oil.

At Earthmuffins we offer a variety of gorgeous healing eesential oils for scenting your self...your bath , beauty & pure.

These aromatherapeutic oils soothe and comfort to help you feel your best.

We offer a list to chose from (below)as well as support on spiritual healing page & also please k. See our Aromatherapy blog . Just call & ask for help.

Earth essential oils : 100% pure french Lavender.