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Island Time Herbal Teas

Earthmuffins original recipes.

Promote health, relaxation, refresh & recharge your life…..

Herbal blends sustaining sources 

Organic leaves, flowers, whole herbs, citrusy, dried fruits , botanicals deliciousness make 

Fresh sun teas, put on ice or hot cup 

Before bed or work. 

Enjoy our 12oz. Fresh packed Organics .

Share with family & friends….

Offering my best brews…

The following list are handcrafted blends 

Of whole local farm fresh organics with whole coop tea leaves.


Lemon Lavender Lush tm

Island Time Herbal tea

Lemon Lavender 

This hand blended unique herbal tea bursts  both lemon and lavender for the perfect light balance of flavor & aromatics. The lively citrusy lemony    …

comes through first and is softened by naturally sweet calming fragrance of lavender. Fresh dried herbals blends  a splash of rosehips for color(Vit.C),

Hawthorne,  & Lemongrass( flavor boost).

It’s vibrant yet soothing cup of herbals you’ll savor, Enjoy sipping . 

Best after workouts - fresh  iced.

Free shipping. Eco bagged tied with ribbons.

Jars sold @ local farmers markets.


Island Time -

Deep ZZZ’s Herbal Tea

When you’re tired get some real zzz’s.  Forget caffeine . 

Make this great tea & drink  at the end of your  work shift,,, when you’re home & you really want to fall asleep. 

Earthy Valarian  flavor meets, Smooth 

Purple Passion flowers flavor adds calm..

 Holy   Basil  is Tulsi Herb truly promotes calm & Valarian root supports  sleep . 

Best blends flavor & effective

Florals-Loose tea- Fresh grade spices.

Packaged  safe ( jars sold at Markets).

12oz. Eco- bags tied with ribbon.

Ships same day FREE shipping.


Blackberry Sage

This colorful tea is loaded with fresh freeze dried blackberry essence & herb garden  sage hand-blended .  Light touch of sugar maple adds 

Tasteful blend to fresh black berries & garden sage + herbals.

10 oz. Sealed bags tied with ribbons .

Fresh Eco package shipped in 3-5 business days.  Jars only sold at fresh Champlain Islands & farmers’ markets.


Island Time Harvest Tea for Wild Women

Earthmuffin’s Original Wildly Good - Hot or Cold-Mt. Grown Black & 

Green Tea leaves  ( high caffeine) whole leaves & dried berries . Recharge with Real Herbals bursting berry hibiscus flowers flavor combines spirited Mt. Grown green & full bodied black teas! Enjoy full  anti- oxidants support fresh  dried   Crimson berries ( spicy)  with  Hibiscus 🌺 replenish your stash tea!

Offering the Ultimate delicious way to spark up Life- Energize , recharge & promote Sharing-  a true Herbal garden favorite amongst High Caffeine lovers...

Hand grown & blended for you  Wild Mt.  & Lake women who work hard everyday celebrate -fresh  burst Organic dried crimson red berries & dried hibiscus flowers.Hand dried & blended(berries from  sustaining sources.)

 Simmer & steep 1-2 tsp.  add bit of honey for sweet spice of Life. 1 quart boiling water over the herbs/flowers & spice in canning jar or tea pot (1-2/tblsp.) Steep 20 minutes. Strain into 1/2 gallon jar or pitcher , fill with ice cold water . Serve with ice +sprig of basil leaf or black currant leaf for garnish.Recharge your perk - add sparks to your breaks. It’s loaded with caffeine!

We package fresh dried in 120z. Bags for mailing Eco-wrapped tied with ribbons. We ship bags and sell jars at farmers market. Thank you all for coming.

12 0z.  Ships in Bags . Enjoy everyday & 

lasts all season! Eco wrapped & boxed- (whole Tea leaves sustaining sources). Less pkg. means less weight & cost.