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Lavish Soother exfoliant 

Beautifully scented bath bar ..Pure rich scents  of Rosemary & Sweet  Basil leaves light Eucalyptus essential oils. Lather up  with fresh spicy garden scents. Exfoliating pumice & oatmeal.

Color vary in translucent white cream.


Enjoy Best Beach Bum soap bars. 

Unmistakable lavish scents & herbs With light basil leaves & shaved loofah sponge.

. Herbal soap base olive oil, with saponification  of  coconut, shea butter & sea salt. Aromatic with soothing power of 100% pure aloe for dry itchy skin. Very emollient soap for both moisturizing & balancing-exfoliants.


* Organic finest ingredients hand milled in Vermont. Hand cut 4oz. bars

we offer soap gift packaging : organza bags, small& large green eco boxes!Just ask.

Gift the Gardner with this fine soap bar for cleansing & soothing working hands!

Thai Basil Loofah Botanical Soap

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