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Offering  fine unique blend of our Best Fresh Herbals . Glorious Scents of lemongrass & mint soothing aloe  soften for happy skin.  

Lemongrass fresh, Aloe ( soothes) coconut shea creamy lather. 

Combines natural insect repellent.

Mint leaves for exfoliation. 

Saponification pure  coconut olive oils with shea butter. Essential oils blend with dried herbal botanicals promotes healthy skin &  (exfoliates).

* Organic haandmade  4.5oz. bar with pure essential oils from sustaining sourcesat Earthmuffin’s farm/studio, gardens. Really great scent for everyday! 

Great for camp, kids & pets! 

note: our soaps are shipped in flat rate boxes 10-20 sopas fit in (14.85) now it’s included.

Eco paper wrapped package or gift box for your order.

Lemongrass Mint w/ Aloe Soap bars

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