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Earthmuffin's All natural 

& Effective. Herbal essential oils .

Remedy: without giving away all of her secrets has trademarked "TICK FLICK"Tm - 2017 original recipe:

For Centuries Rosemary, Peppermint, cedar woods, juniper to name most effective.these Strong herbaceous Plants. Including pennyroyal & Catnip, covered farms .Efecctively then & Now - distilled into remedies for ticks & fleas , rodents, Other  insect pests.

Finest Herbal Herbal proprietary blend & pure essential oils by way of steam distillation.

Original TICK & FLEA REPEL recipe:Main ingredients are Original tick repellents: Rosemary (Romaris officinalis)which is known for centuries & used to deter fleas & ticks combines (pure catnip )  extract (nepetalactone) ,& lemon grass, geranium, sweet basil, & sage.

All Naturo am & effective 100% proprietary blend herbs & finest essential oils in distilled water base.

Hand made in Vermont.

Safe for whole family & Pets - Hand steam distilled & Grown at Earthmuffins Island Herbals ! Original & Named by Emmett.


Have a Peaceful Summer 

Island Herbals TICK FLICK tm Herbal Tick Repel highly effective...

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