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Enlighten-Lift Spirits- SHARE- Comfort -Peace & JOY!

Pure Essential oils only eco clean base.

We offer scent choices chose one(1) or more please call & specify which we can pour for your package.

Simple, Handpoured . Fresh scents for your home & office! No Alcohol & Dye free, fair for life. very UNIQUE!

Offering Classics:Wintry: Balsam fir, 

Rosemary orange myrrh.

 Classics: French Lavender , Patchouli, Amber Rose, If you like Citrusy : Lemon Flower Basil fresh  (light Lemony with a touch of sweet Basil), Apples & Sage,Mandarin Myrrh smooth earthy.Medievel Maiden.

Florals: French Lavender, Hibiscus White Amber, Lemongrass & Driftwood ( pacific redwood oil blends smooth prickly pear) are sensational. All Freshen air -Healthy-eliminate smoke and kitchen smells ...without sprays-

Includes: 6oz. clear glass decanters with natural 10"reeds. re-fillable.. essential oils. Hand washable decanter &  NO  Aerosols..chemical free..Non-GMO,,,

* recycled glass & organic essential oils. Clean & Simple Aromatherapy!

Add with candles, soap to make a green carriage gift essential eco box! Enjoy.FREE SHIPPING!

Earth muffin's Aromatherapy Reeds Diffuser

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