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Earthmuffin’s original  recipe for CHILLIN’. we all need an afternoon “chill“  down

Promote mindfulness with Schisandra berry- ful , Good Vit. C  support.

Superb flavor  blends  with  light lemony lemon balm,  then fruity schsandra berries  with homegrown fresh hibiscus flowers .

 Pure green & red  herbals  Calm & relaxing Calming herbs Tulsi Herb (holy basil) , Lemon Balm,  Hibiscus flowers 🌺  hand blended with fresh dried  Schisandra   berries  which can support healthy blood sugar and prolong life . Smooth Berry burst  of pure flavor..Schisandra berries known to support balance sugar levels in the  body. Helps Healthy  tips for better living.


12 oz.. Tea gifts ,tea is bagged , wrapped with eco friendly wrapping. 



Chill Out Tea

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