Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

 Here at Earthmuffin's  soap  making is a tradition . We 've been herb farmers & gardners from our roots. I  evolved as an herbalist & herbal soap crafter 15 years prior to attaining  Herbalist Certification in 2001.  I began writing recipes to create my own natural body care . I wanted the highest natural quality ingredients . 
 Making Hand-milled herbal soap,  at Earthmuffins' where  all is handcrafted - vegetable based french milling -process using only  plant based  ingredients from the earth. My soaps are saponified oils : pure  organic coconut & shea butter & local sunflower oil (healthy skin oils)+ local  raw honey , with  cold pressed organic olive oil , mango butter, pure  Vitamin E , organic  beeswax & 100% sea salt for saponification process! Springtime Ritual- i mill the pure white base again , I add organic  skin conditioners aloe vera gel ,oatmeal  for soothing & softening  skin.  I also add loofah, mint leaves or espresso for (exfoliating).  
These  fine  soaps  are made in small batches to ensure quality. all Earthmuffins' products are  Phosphorous free- no  dyes-  + only plant based ingredients & colorants.
Because It takes many long hours - we hand mill  the soap base  in wintertime.
Spring & Fall times we pour the  final hand milling  of our fine herbal soaps ,  where adding only food grade natural plant base colors from sustaining  sources . Plant based: madder root powder(orange + red),  red currant extract, bergamot &  violet flower powders,   espresso bean makes  (earth brown & grayish), Vit. E, honey & vanilla extract for ivory, green from chlorophyll + mint leaves, last but not least green tea & lemongrass.  Sustaining sources  for our  Pure essential oils which are glorious for scent & amazing aromatics!  Simple ingredients for sensational results!

We are about our ..SKIN. ..

Healthy Skin is not just skin deep. It's body talk! Beyond pain, skin is the best means of our bodies talking to us!  Ignoring and suppressing what your body - is saying - means future payback...Fortunately you don't have to do either. While cleansing with  our herbal teas, tinctures &  soaps, & purging which helps us  cleanse out things trapped inside. There's No mystery to  why wonderful care comes through natural products for your mind-body-spirit..... 

 Healing support with  natural herbals is the path to healing..We can help our bodies resolve issues thoroughly and naturally, though not necessarily over night!

 Sustaining sources for my ingredients.

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1,000 Happy Customers

We have been enjoying Earthmuffins Island Herbal products & Soaps for which  we are proud  20+ yrs. experience . Our friends & family test & enjoy  our handcrafted  recipes-tried & true.. Our products are hand crafted at our  Champlain Islands home/farm & crafts  studio. We supply our fresh products at our farmers' markets weekly. We offer our fine handcrafted soaps  from the  soap cart locally & to our  online shoppers daily.. Experience our traditional life "farm to table"  .
 We wildcraft our herbs & flowers-we  offer only "chemical free" products & whole herbs.. You  will  - just love  the uniqueness of our hand blended Herbal Teas with our  beautiful Island Lights  Soy Candles . Our essential oils &  scents  are pure & organic  from sustaining sources. We are  engaged  with a natural purpose! Enjoy!

Why Us?

Earthmuffin's herbal recipes are  original & exclusively handcrafted at our artisan studio &  farm gardens (both sides) of  beautiful Lake Champlain in the Islands of  Vermont!  I've made these superb  herbal products for 20+ years. The silky soaps & textured creams are ideal for your face and delightfully addictive when you smooth the emollient, easily absorbed non-greasy 'lotion' on the rest of your body. The thoughts of those of  you - feeling good about natural herbal care for yourself & our world. We live outdoors we need phospherous free soaps & skeeter beater for our lakes-clean water  in Vermont . Of course we recycle, & use bio-degradable soaps. We care about the ..earth & ourselves....

We make Island Time Herbal Teas which are a  delicious essential to every day living. Just as lovely-Earthmuffins   Herbal Bath Soak for  healing & especially  long soaks. Earthmuffin's aromatherapy essential oils & Island Lights Soy candles are   Handcrafted & poured with  pure soy flakes, cotton wicks &  pure essential oils.  

Once you light up your life- with  our  smooth scented  pure Soy Candles  you will always want slow clean burning that our  smooth fresh clean candles offer..

Natural ingredients such as ours  help you make better choices for yourself, your pets &  your environment. 

Earthmuffins Island Herbal  products are 100% Eco-friendly. Which is essential for keeping our waterways  clean & safe  for drinking & recreation. 

 As you enjoy nature's benefits through each product, you will feel good knowing  you are treating yourself to a safe & natural experience. 

Thank you for ordering our products & gifts.

Happy Trails , 

Laurie J. & Fredric J. (Earthmuffin & Buz)