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“NEW” Bath Soap Bars

Offering real creamy soap bath bar  with delightful fresh scents combines smooth silky, coconut shea butters with active charcoal,( skin purifier) combines, green tea & garden 

Fresh black currants extract,  sea salt .

 For great daily refreshing organic 

 essential oils fresh linen scent .”NEW”

Swirls of Our black currant & green tea colors beautifully. Varying 

Shades of dark lavenders & green -white. 

All colors plant based sources.

Saponified organic  oils  :  coconut to & Shea butter  creamy soft  lather &moisturizes skin.

non-GMO, colors vary. 

A soft clean fresh scent of best Organic plant based pure essential oils.

Handmade  with care.

 Excellent for daily use sweet  for the whole family.

*handmilled with certified organic Green & black currant tea.


please note: We use flat rate shipping.

Island Fresh Black Currant soap

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