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Celebrate  Life  ....All season  Aromatherapy  Wise Spirit calming. Offering:Fresh Spring blossoms & balanced herbal scents...for All your festive gatherings:  Spring Market scents . Order “NEW” scents &style.


.Earthy clean fresh winter scents from woodlands.PURE SCENT & Clean.

 Simply creative  spice up your space . Share Joy & Cheer..... Lovely scents all season long...special orders just give us a call. Chemical free.

Pure soy +cotton wicks+ essential oils non-GMO, no dyes no perfumes ever...

Offering:long lasting 16 oz.

Green Scents

Jade  Gardens :top notes  green florals : chrysanthemum, cactus blossoms mid notes warm base notes grounded earthy soft jade.



Red Sangria :muddled fruit top notes, rich world spices, blends warm orange sunrise base.


Original & Uniqueness says it!

Recharge- Refresh- Calming 


Cedar Moss: Cedar woods dark amber blends a mossy oak base.


Lemon Grass fresh outdoorsy perfect indoor / outdoor.


Driftwood- Fresh coastal pungent redwoods & prickly pear essence .  This candle Rocks!




Great scents for home, office & camp.

12 oz. Vintage green with cork lids

eco-wrapped & tied ribbons....reusable container .

 SHIPPING Included !

Earthmuffin’s Island Lights Eco Green pure soy candles Handcrafted w/ cork

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