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How To Naturally Cleanse Your Body...see nutritionist or Ayruvedic Doctor....please...

Our bodies become toxic for many reasons: every day- from conventionally grown veggies, crops & livestock, (like GMO's & added insecticides & pesticides) are in packaged & processed foods. Also  preservatives, cosmetics, personal hygiene, & household cleaning products(industrial strength chemicals)& chemical exposure at our work. Environments are good examples of our daily exposure to a whole host of toxins.  We eat, drink, breathe & absorb toxins through our skin & even  possibly our drinking water all of the time.... in our modern society... unfortunately.

It is virtually impossible to avoid environmental toxins.   Exposure to environmental toxins has beeen linekd to over production of unchecked "free radicals" in our bodies- which in-turn, is implicated  to premature aging, weight gain,  & various degenerative disorders like cancer, fibro myalgea, diabetes, arthritis,   & heart disease.

Research indicates that one of the best defenses against free radicals damage are antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients found in various plant based foods such as fresh red berries, currants, orange vegetables, fruits, nuts, & seeds, along with whole grains. Thanks to this awareness many school districts have switched to "whole grains" only menu for school age children. Certain foods like real foods such as cucirferous vegetables & cabbage ae rich in "phyto-nutrients" ( so is cocoa used to make  chocolate) these are thought to be especially beneficial to fighting free- radicals.

In recent years the idea of cleansing & "detoxing" our pipes is important again,   and is direcly connected to weight loss efforts. These ideas aren't new but have popularized  commercially with many formulated formulas, diets, & programs connected to weight loss. Many people have the idea that they need to periodically "cleanse" & "detoxyify" even resort to extreme or drastic measurments like anything else, in extremesany amount  can lead to harmful even dangerous results. Although, an intensive periodic detox, cleansing is great with instructions with follow up from Nutritionist Doctor .  Set yourself up with experts out  there who offer  "Pan Chakarma" which is done under supervision of  a qualified Ayruvedic Practitioner or  Naturopath Doctor's help can be very beneficial. It is important to realize that exposure to toxins , and consequent over production of "free radicals" is an ongoing event in our bodies. therefore an effort to detox or cleanse should be a continual effort. 

There are many Natural Ways to Help Yourself  to cleanse on a daily basis for myself this is very important one. Eating meals early in the day before 6pm which  are nutrient full  real foods & proteins helps immensely... having a 14 hour over night rest is great for our internal organs to recharge. Avoid acid forming foods lessen when you can like: dairy, sodas, shellfish, wine vinegars. You can certianly make a difference by  Eating Smaller portions which is a kicker combined with exercise daily for maintaining & losing weight naturally. Eating plant based meals saves our bodies, mass production, energy, fossil fuels, & time. Gives us more energy & healthy glow!  Take extra care of your Liver by consuming whole herbs & herbal teas which are superior cleansers & beneficial to  healing. Check out your local whole foods for milk thistle, ginger, garlic, lemon, peppermint, curcumin(tumeric), dandelion roots, cranberry, celery & most spices!

Other helpful tips:

- Refrain from smoking, drinking in excessive amounts(alcohol), decaffeinated beverages & eating less sugar based foods.

- Exercise on a regular basis

- Drink plenty of fresh clean water throught day - every day, + extra amounts  if exercising or with strenuous work & play.

- Manage Stress levels, through  enjoyment, pets, nature sports, family, happy times, art & music NOT MEDS.

- Meditation & journaling talking with family & friends  or witin a supportive group.

Eat All or Most Your Foods locally grown from farmers visit your farmers' markets if you don't have a garden.Best choices fiber filled, greens (kale & broccoli), almonds, beans, legumes,  fresh berries & mixed seeds,apples, sunflower  & flaxseeds.

Reference: Prescription ForNutritional Healing, fifth edition, Phyllis A. Balch.CNC 1999

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